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Deck Building

Our other services include deck building, deck repairs, deck cleaning, and deck waterproofing. Building a deck requires experience, along with knowledge and skills. There’s nothing more enjoyable than spending quality time with your friends and family on a well-constructed deck. Whether you want a free-standing deck or a functional deck that is added to your home, we can make it happen. We will use the highest quality materials, ensuring that your deck is built to the strictest guidelines in the highest standards and that your specifications are legitimate and up to code.

Not only do we build decks, but we repair them, clean them, and waterproof them. Keeping your deck clean and waterproofed will save you a lot of money in repairs. Your deck is subjected to outdoor elements brought on by mother nature, therefore it’s necessary to keep them sealed. Investing money in sealing your deck will give you more years of enjoyment on your deck.

If your deck is losing its luster, we can always re-stain or paint your deck. No matter your needs, Liberty Roofing & Construction Too is here to offer you these valuable deck services.

Plan the Work – Work the Plan

Consultations are the backbone to planning your project. Your input is as important as our suggestions.

Our Clients Trust Us

I use my own money to purchase products and only require a deposit when the products are delivered to the jobsite. Final payment is due at completion.

Veteran Owned & Operated

Being a veteran, duty is very important to me as we fulfill our obligations to the best of our ability. Serving others is essential to my personal and professional life.

Year Round Service

Our business never closes during any specific season. We are blessed to be opened all year round, allowing us to service our customers at all times.

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